Synergy Investment Fund’s CEO and COO Attend CRE Investment Conference

DALLAS, TX – Synergy Investment Fund CEO and COO, Brent and Amy Miller, recently attended a CRE Investment Conference about “The Secrets of Successful Syndication” in Dallas, Texas. The conference was held by “The Real Estate Guys.”

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“The Real Estate Guys” investor, developer, educator and syndicator, Robert Helms and Russell Gray, a business and financial strategist. They host a radio show that provides information to investors about real estate investing. The show includes investing education and expert perspectives. 

At the conference, Helms shares “why real estate and syndication make sense now, where to find both money and deals, and case studies of real-world syndications.” Gray explains “the fundamentals of syndication, the four essential skills every syndicator must have, and how you can start to build your syndication business immediately.”

While attending “The Secrets of Successful Syndication” conference, attendees learn about how they can start, fund, and operate their own real estate investing business. They also learn about how starting their own real estate syndication business connects money seeking a return to return-generating investment. 

“After attending ‘The Secrets of Successful Syndication’, Amy and I gained invaluable insights that illuminated the path for us to provide our Investors at Synergy Investment Fund to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns with investment opportunities.” Said Synergy Investment Fund CEO, Brent Miller. 

Synergy Investment Fund is a dynamic investment firm with a portfolio of 27 commercial properties with over 700,000 square feet in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. With a focus on strong risk-adjusted returns, Synergy actively seeks properties in emerging tertiary and secondary markets. For more information on Synergy Investment Fund, please contact Drew Robertson at or 410.543.2436. To explore more opportunities, visit the website at 

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